Well Hello!

TYE4 Online Studio was created for all the busy super-moms out there, including myself! I’ve been alive and moving for 41 years now, and the past 18 years has focused around raising my kids.

I have a BS in Exercise Science, collegiate athlete and have worked in fitness for 20 years.

I’ve been in the gym working out since age 13 with my dad, and have seen all of the trends come and go. I built this platform with the tools and protocols that have resulted in the fastest and most well rounded results for myself and my clients over the years.


Why I “Fitness” - I love having strength and energy for my kids. I love being a ‘young’ mom and sharing clothes with my teenage daughter ❤️

I love my girl friends! I love girls night out, impromptu brunch dates, beach trips, laughing and being 100% me! I love that we take this “Fitness” journey together every week, without even leaving our house!

My fitness career began with personal training, teaching group fitness classes and carrying out fitness assessments right out of college (1999). Soon after, I was introduced to Pilates. As I practiced more, my body rehabbed and changed, and as I learned more, I realized that I will do this and teach this as long as I possibly can, because the benefits greatly beat out the other modes of fitness. And paired with the strength training and cardio, we have a WINNER!!

Today I am humbled to say that I am a TEAM member with the PhysicalMind Institute (NYC) - the original and leading Pilates teachers certification company. Along with training, PMI creates innovative products that every modern body needs! A few of my favorites: TYE4, Parasetter, MINIS and HeadFloater 😍


I love that through this Online Studio, Super-Women from all over the map 🌎 are feeling better, looking better and connecting and forming valuable friendships! And I LOVE that we are having fun along the way!!!!

Ashley Benson

Join our tribe! Let’s take the journey together 🌎