TYE4® is a unique, wearable resistance/assistance harness developed by the PhysicalMind Institute.  It functions like a Pilates Reformer machine… but perfect for workouts at home or on the go.

RESISTANCE - Tye4 provides up to 30 lbs of resistance through a full range of motion, targeting and firing the small stabilizing muscles around the joints. It facilitates rehab fitness and strengthens the body in proper posture, as the harness lifts the sternum.

FLEXIBILITY - Tye4 provides a closed kinetic chain on feet and hands.  Conditioning this way opens up the joints allowing increased oxygen flow… resulting in joint healing and recovery.  It also allows for individual PNF stretching and a unique muscle firing and stretch pattern, resulting in rapid increase in flexibility.

ASSISTANCE - Tye4 is used to assist areas that frequently get over trained, like neck and hip flexors.   

We use TYE4 in all online classes.


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Parasetter is used to break up fascia and activate muscles around the scapula.  This will provide immediate increase in mobility and muscular balance.  It also activates posterior chain and opens up chest and shoulders and enables breathing. While the Parasetter is a great warm up, it also doubles as an equally good product for recovery aspects by breaking up fascia and activating the stabilizing muscles of the spine.