PARA PILATES - Parasetter + Pilates

 Want a Pilates challenge? Give this class a try! We will do the entire Pilates class using the Parasetter to challenge balance, assist with alignment and muscle engagement, and leave with a nice back massage 😍


Body Up is a fun, challenging class that awakens your entire body! The entire workout will be standing, in some way, on top of the Parasetter! Everything, from the tiny feet and ankle muscles, to the large, power glute and core muscle will need to rise to the occasion in this class.


Access and strengthen core stability muscles while tapping into your full flexibility potential in this class. We walk away feeling energized and so good after this session!


Coming soon!!….. Parasetter + Dumbbells 🌟 This class is fun, challenging, and results-driven! Look for the class launch in September!


about Parasetter

Parasetter is used to break up fascia and activate muscles around the scapula. This will provide immediate increase in mobility and muscular balance. It also activates posterior chain and opens up chest and shoulders and enables breathing. While the Parasetter is a great warm up, it also doubles as an equally good product for recovery aspects by breaking up fascia and activating the stabilizing muscles of the spine.