I use ZOOM as my online class studio.  It is easy to use use, reliable and available for every platform.


  1. Purchase your classes

  2. Fill out the waiver and consent forms and return

  3. Receive email from me with an invitation to join the next class offered.

  4. Download the ZOOM app on the media you will use for the session.

  5. Sign Up on the app before the first class.

  6. You’ll receive an email with the link to be used for our class (aka meeting) (watch tutorial below for help)

  7. 10-15 min before class time, simply click the meeting link found in the invitation email and join me for the class!

  8. Can’t make it during class time? NO WORRIES! ⭐︎ Classes are recorded and posted in the MEMBERS ONLY CLUB where you will be able to take the class at your best convenience ⭐︎


Watch the Zoom video tutorial below for step by step instructions on

  • using your desktop, tablets or smart phone to meet up for classes.

  • joining from an email for the first time or from an app on a smart device for the first time.

  • joining from an application on your desktop or tablet or phone.


Zoom cloud meetings works on your iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. You can download the Zoom app from the Apple AppStore or search "Zoom" on Safari. It will direct you to http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zoom.us-cloud-video-meetings/id546505307 

User Guide

zoom app

Once you have the Zoom app installed, tap the zoom application icon on your iOS device to open Zoom.


Once the Zoom app is open, you can choose to Sign In or Join a Meeting.

Once you are signed in, you are able to join a meeting/class.

Selecting "Join a Meeting" will prompt you to enter the Meeting Id of the meeting you are trying to join.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X with MacOS 10.7 or later

  • MacOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) with limited functionality (Zoom version 3.6)

  • Windows 10

  • Windows 8 or 8.1

  • Windows 7

  • Windows Vista with SP1 or later

  • Windows XP with SP3 or later

  • Ubuntu 12.04 or higher

  • Mint 17.1 or higher

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher

  • Oracle Linux 6.4 or higher

  • CentOS 6.4 or higher

  • Fedora 21 or higher

  • OpenSUSE 13.2 or higher

  • ArchLinux (64-bit only)

Supported Tablet and Mobile Devices

Supported Browsers

  • Windows: IE7+,  Firefox,  Chrome,  Safari5+

  • Mac: Safari5+,  Firefox,  Chrome

  • Linux: Firefox, Chrome