Squats: A Love Story, Part 1

Why don't we do squats?  Simply put, they are hard!  They make us sweat more and it's super scary when the primary things responsible for holding us up off the ground are burning.

source :: google image source

source :: google image source

I would like to submit that part of the "Hardness" of squats comes from the fact that we often don't do them correctly.

This is where the TYE4® has saved me.  After I had recovered from various knee injuries, my legs had become very weak.  The first mistake I could have made would have been to go to the gym, load up the rack and squat with terrible form.  Instead I decided to begin my squats at home with my TYE4®.  The TYE4® allowed me to squat with resistance while simultaneously allowing me to balance using the leg bungies.  My form never suffered and, in fact, improved because the chest harness was a constant reminder to keep my chest high during the lowest parts of the squat.  The end result for me was getting stronger, feeling more confident and even trying Front Squats in the gym, something I had previously never done.  


A wonderful article from Nick Tumminello reminds us of what he calls "The 2 Cs: Comfort & Control".  The TYE4® has absolutely allowed me to work within The 2 Cs and become a better athlete, Father & husband.  

Comfort :: The movement is Pain-Free, feels natural, and works within one’s current physiology.

Control :: The individual can demonstrate the movement tempo and body positioning we request.
— Nick Tumminello